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The Government Is “Robbing” Americans Of Wealth, But We May Have A Way To Save Ourselves

Political commentator and freedom advocate Floyd Brown knows what the U.S. government is up to, and he’s calling Washington on it. In this one-on-one interview, find out why the president of the Western Center for Journalism believes Americans are systematically robbed of their savings through a deliberate devaluation of the dollar. In the face of a dollar that will continue to erode in value, Brown explains how gold and silver – the “historic forms of money” – can help to protect our savings. Plus, discover why he believes that Americans are doing a “grave injustice” if they’re depending on the government in retirement.
Rachel Mills for Birch Gold Group (BGG): This is Rachel Mills with Birch Gold Group. I am talking with Floyd Brown here at Freedom Fest. How are you today?
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Floyd Brown: I’m doing great. It’s good to be with you, Rachel.
BGG: It’s good to be with you too. Have you been enjoying the conference?
Floyd Brown: This is a very interesting conference because you never know what a speaker’s going to say. And it’s got such a wide variety of topics that you can really learn about really some things that are off the beaten path. If you’re tired of the same old politicians talking, I don’t think there’s a politician here. So it’s all about freedom and ideas and it’s a good conference. I’ve been coming for a number of years.
BGG: There’s a lot of thought leaders here on precious metals and I know you’ve done quite a bit of work on precious metals and hard money and you know the value of it.
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Floyd Brown: Well I don’t call it hard money, I call it money.
BGG: Money money! Instead of funny money.
Floyd Brown: Because that’s what it is. Money has got certain characteristics. My background is in economics, my degree is in economics.
Really, gold and silver are the historic forms of money and what we really have in the U.S. today is really debt instruments which aren’t money at all.
So I understand why freedom lovers, though, are often people that like real money because they’re skeptical of the powers that be and I’m one of those skeptics.
BGG: It’s hard to look at what’s going on in this country and around the world and not be skeptical.
Floyd Brown: Yeah, I think that the U.S. is really divided into two types of people: people that are drunk on entertainment and really don’t care and people that do care but are alienated by the political class that runs the country. And I agree with you. I mean if you look at the way the political class works, it’s easy to be very skeptical and very cynical.
BGG: But then you’re left with the feeling of, you know, “Gosh, what do I do about it?”
Floyd Brown: Well, we have an incredible gift in America. And while they’ve tried to strip it from us we still have it. We are citizens, citizenship is a very important birthright that I got when I was born and that is I can vote in elections, I can participate in the political process and I have certain, inalienable rights that the government can’t abridge, and one of those is the ability to speak out and write and that’s why we’re so active at, writing and speaking out on the ideas of freedom.

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