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Peter Schiff: QE4 Is Coming, or We’ll Get a Severe Recession

Watch (HT Zero Hedge): Key points, all from Schiff, interviewed by CNBC’s Rick Santelli: “You cannot end quantitative easing without plunging the economy into a severe recession.” “The U.S. economy is more screwed-up now than it’s ever been in history,… Continue reading

Positivity: Pope beatifies Paul VI, ‘great helmsman’ of Vatican II

Oct 19, 2014 / 11:57 am Addressing those gathered in Saint Peter’s Square on Sunday for the beatification of Paul VI, Pope Francis reminded Christians who live out the Gospel message that they are “God’s newness” both “in the Church… Continue reading

Colonial Mainstream-Media Exposed

By Venatrix Fulmen (*) – 15. Oct. 2014 That the so-called Federal Republic of Germany (in short the BRD-Trust under locally imposed international economic and foreign admiralty law) is just a colonial setting of the key-allied force of WWII –… Continue reading

Blocking Islamic State’s online propaganda is the wrong answer to the wrong …

ISIS is winning the propaganda war, it’s been said, and top brass from the European Commission, EU member state governments, and representatives of Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft have met to discuss what to do about extremist online content. They… Continue reading

Fleeing the Leaky Ship Obama

Call it a sign of the times. Like when Ben Affleck was so conflicted recently about the Islamist threat that he raised doubts about whether he had actually watched “Argo,” the blockbuster he produced and starred in about how the… Continue reading

“Today” Show is No. 1 Morning Show—On Social Media

For purchase: The Obama Years: Beyond the Haloby AIM Editors and Other Writers Available on the site: Hizballah: Iran’s Other Looming Threat to the West by Clare Lopez Grand Theft Obama: The Biggest Heist in U.S. History by James Simpson… Continue reading

Australian teenager appears in Islamic State propaganda video

Australian teenager appears in Islamic State propaganda videoAn Australian teenager, who told his mother he was leaving on a fishing trip earlier this year, has emerged in a chilling Islamic State video, warning Prime Minister Tony Abbott and the west… Continue reading

Networks Fail to Cover Gaffes from Democrats Wendy Davis and Mark Udall

With the midterm elections two weeks away from Tuesday, the major broadcast networks on Monday night ignored gaffes from Democratic Senator Mark Udall of Colorado and Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis as both seek to make up deficits against… Continue reading

‘Stick to food’: Andrew Zimmern swallows bizarre Wendy Davis propaganda

@andrewzimmern He's in an interracial marriage, smart guy.— Sicario (@emmdee22) October 20, 2014 You might ask yourself who at this point is stupid enough to still believe anything coming out of the Wendy Davis gubernatorial campaign in Texas? This guy… Continue reading

Fox’s Stacey Dash Rejects White Privilege ‘Propaganda’ [VIDEO]

Tweet Actress and Fox News cultural correspondent Stacey Dash on “The O’Reilly Factor” Monday appeared to weigh in on the recent debate between host Bill O’Reilly and Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart over the idea of “white privilege.” Dash, who is… Continue reading

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