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Should ransoms ever be paid to Islamic terrorists?

A new video: The trio of videos released by the Islamic State in recent weeks have followed the same grim pattern — a helpless and unarmed Westerner is forced to kneel in front of a masked militant who threatens the… Continue reading

ISIS Releases Haunting Propaganda Video of British Hostage

ISIS released a haunting propaganda video showing a British captive promising to illuminate the “the truth” behind the militants’ network and criticizing his government and the U.S. approach to hostage negotiations.The video — which runs for around three minutes —… Continue reading

Limbaugh Rep Responds To Disreputable Attempt To Capitalize On Out-Of-Context Remarks

Responding to a policy change at Ohio State University that will require both partners in a physical relationship to express “the who, what, where, when, why, and how … sexual activity will take place,” talk show host rush limbaugh decried… Continue reading

Navy Seal And 3 Marines Blast Liberal Democrats About Benghazi: “The Words ‘Stand Down’ Were Given”

Kris Paronto and Mark Geist, two security guards who were in Benghazi on the night of the attacks back in 2012, are challenging what Democrat reps are saying about there not being a stand down order issued that night. “The… Continue reading

Be Careful! The Market Is Too Complacent

I wish I had one of those flashing police lights that Drudge uses to highlight an important story.  If there ever was a time to use one, this is it. As the stock market firmly crosses 17,000 and investors… Continue reading

Bill Ayers: Megyn Kelly ‘Very Strange…Like a Cyborg Constructed in [the] Basement of Fox News’

 Bill Ayers: Megyn Kelly ‘Very Strange…Like a Cyborg Constructed in [the] Basement of Fox News’On Thursday morning, Salon posted an interview with Bill Ayers in which he and questioner David Masciotra discussed topics including Ayers’s appearance this summer on Megyn Kelly’s show; the state of American public education; and why Ayers thinks the Tea… Continue reading

AIM Editor on “Cavuto” About Presidential Approval Ratings

twitter 32 AIM Editor on “Cavuto” About Presidential Approval Ratings Accuracy in Media Editor Roger Aronoff was a recent guest on “Cavuto,” on the Fox Business Network. The topic was how the mainstream media have been ignoring President Obama’s low approval ratings in an election season. A study of media… Continue reading

Daily news summary

First shipment of military aid sent to Kurdish forces The first shipment of Czech military aid to Kurdish forces fighting against Islamic State radicals in northern Iraq was sent from the military airport in Pardubice on Thursday. The C-17 Globemaster… Continue reading

US Needs to Toughen ‘Soft Power,’ Says US Propaganda Czar

091814richard stengel US Needs to Toughen Soft Power, Says US Propaganda CzarThe US needs to "do more to harden our soft power" to best combat Russia's 24/7 propaganda machine and counter the rise of ISIS, according to Rick Stengel, US Undersecretary for Public Diplomacy. Stengel in Malaysia in April. Photo: State… Continue reading

CBS Lobs Softballs to Obama U.N. Ambassador, Avoids Foreign Policy Criticism

 CBS Lobs Softballs to Obama U.N. Ambassador, Avoids Foreign Policy Criticism 7:13 AM ET JEFF GLOR: The Senate is expected to approve a plan today to arm and train Syrian rebels to fight ISIS militants. The House passed the bill Wednesday, 273-156. The vote cut across party lines. 85 Democrats and… Continue reading

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